Are you having trouble with your existing IT capacity as your business scales? Migrating applications to the cloud can help accommodate new infrastructure and services while mitigating risks, maximizing performance, and promoting business growth. It is also essential for enterprises to decide the cloud migration approach, and whether a public, private, or hybrid approach suits their needs.

If you are looking to build on and develop your existing managed services and cloud practices, you are at right place.

1. Onpremise to cloud

2. Cloud to cloud

B M Infotrade provides a complete process for DC migration, starting with an assessment and audit of your current capabilities and charting a course through to transition and optimisation.


We have identified five key stages:



We will work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current capabilities in the DC and on cloud



We will run a transformation workshop with your team and create a financial model



Any migration needs detailed advanced operational planning



We will work with you to transition to the new model and ensure you have the training and support required at every step



The final stage will provide the capacity planning and provision of managed services that will enable you to accelerate your DC practice and business.

Our validation and approach before migration

1. Contracts and Compliance

  • Understanding customer expectations is a prerequisite for delivering superior service. We work according to Customer contracts and terms of service.
  • Licensing models and customer licenses.
  • Accreditations and compliance.

2. Technical Sesign and Security

  • Our technical team's effective plan includes the below key points to deliver utmost services.
  • Technical assessment of current environments
  • Technical design of target environments
  • Assess opportunities to optimise or modernise
  • Migration tools and migration planning
  • PoC for technical and operational acceptance

3. People and Skills

  • We provide proper insight to customers about the new service keeping in mind below key points.
  • Headcount and skill sets
  • People development
  • Accreditations and competencies

4. Operational Management

  • IT and DevOps requirements
  • Service management
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Operational process changes

5. Product and Sales

  • Product
  • Portfolio
  • Service plan and collateral changes

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